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Ronse Massey Developments - Heritage Preservation

Vancouver is fortunate to have a large collection of historic residential properties that serve as visible reminders of Vancouver’s rich and fascinating past while giving each neighbourhood its unique identity

Ronse Massey Developments has long vested interest and appreciation in the preservation of these heritage homes and a strong appreciation for their cultural and aesthetic value. Restoring and renovating these historic projects is an art, one that involves a great deal of passion, creativity and distinctive problem solving abilities to ensure the unique character and timeless elegance of each home is not only retained but also showcased in its best light. With all pre 1940 houses in Vancouver protected, heritage restoration projects will continue to be a large part of Ronse Massey’s business going forward.

As the founder in Ronse Massey Developments, Joel Massey is active in the heritage community and is proud to serve on the Vancouver Heritage Commission, advising the mayor and councillors on development and preservation of these unique and special properties.

“We love the challenge of bringing a heritage home up to current building, safety and energy standards while also creating a customized home that offers all the luxuries of more than a 100 years of construction and design innovations.” – Joel Massey